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October 27, 2019

I've chose to call this the The Column because that's exactly what it is. These are my personal experiences and bias opinions. The road has been long and bumpy and I've explored a few avenues so I decided to break it up into short stories. Id like to share my story with whoever would like to listen. Whether you're reading for pure enjoyment or interested in starting your own brand I've had some interesting experiences that may help or just make you laugh. For me, the laughing usually comes later. Not every post will be industry related, in fact, most wont. I'm sharing my story to hopefully encourage others to follow their passion or to make a change, to inspire hope when you feel defeated or to simply offer comfort in knowing you're not the only one. Ill share why I chose to leave my home country, change careers, start a family and new business all while dealing with my own emotional struggles.This is not a column about fashion this is a column about how fashion drove me to make a change.

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